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Taste a wonderful selection of wines created from estate-grown grapes and other Wisconsin fruits. Our portfolio includes wines for every palate ranging from dry, oak-aged reds and crisp whites to sweeter, fruity whites, a blush, and rich dessert wine treats.
Rich, wonderful reds
Branches Reserve 2016
The Marquette grape, perfectly dry and wonderfully aged in oak barrels
Dating back to ancient vineyards in Bordeaux, this grape still delights with red fruit, spice, and smoky notes presented in a slightly oaked dry style

Introduced in summer, 2017, this medium-bodied dry red features our vineyard's St. Croix grapes at their best.  A little smoky, a little oak - all aromas dancing with the dried currant flavors.

Explorer - Marquette
The king of the cold-climate grapes, here we present Marquette at its fruity, gentle, off-dry best
Great River Dessert Wine
A blend of cold climate grapes dance together in this port-style wine chokked full of dark cherry and caramel notes
Delicious semi-sweet fruit-forward stars

Coulee Crisp
The LaCrescent grape's citrus and pineapple flavors burst in this off-dry winner
This internationally loved grape bursts with floral, peach, and pear aromas, all previewing the flavors in this dry white

The St. Pepin grape wows in this dry white; wonderful flavor, lightly oaked, kissed with vanilla. Plan to be surprised.

Vine Dance
An Edelweiss charmer; semi-sweet, gentle white reminiscent of German Rieslings
Flying Geese
The Frontenac Gris grape delivers unique strawberry and melon flavors in this very popular blush

Old Stone House
The newer Frontenac Blanc grape dances in this semi-sweet, fruity yet crisp new wine

Sweethearts, these are for you!
Moxie Moscato
Today's darling grape delights the senses with stone fruit and honey flavors kissed with tropical notes.

Roxie Rose'
Thought to be the first true American wine grape, Catawba Rosa features a much-loved fruity flavor. 

Coulee Fog
Vineyard neighbors LaCrescent and
St. Pepin grapes are artfully blended in this tropically delicious  treat
The wonderful fruitiness of the Marquette grape shines in this sweeter, chilled rose' style wine
Let me call you Sweetheart
Yes, we will serenade you with this darling song as you sip this sweet rendition of Edelweiss wine
Celebration Berry 
Straight from a Wisconsin bog, this pure cranberry wine is both sweet and tart; perfectly pleasing for holiday dinners and every celebration of the year
In a league of their own
We are proud to be one of the first wineries in the Midwest to produce two unique wines using the French-Canadian practice of using winter's frigid temperatures to naturally freeze and thaw  apple cider, concentrating its flavor to its luscious best. Local cider from Gays Mills has never felt so fancy or tasted so delicious.

Wisconsin Ice Cider -SOLD OUT till Spring 19                                                
Dessert Wine Treat Extraordinaire                           
Pure apple essence, a flavor which you                         
have never before enjoyed!  For your
dessert course surprise, serve with nuts
and aged parmesan or asiago. 


Frozen Apple Blossom
Delicate cider flavor kissed with
Wisconsin cranberry. Fabulous with
Wisconsin aged cheddar cheese.